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On the Ways to Receive Money from Google to Promote Non-profits

Here are three things you didn’t know about Google:

1.      The name Google is a deliberate misspelling of the number googol: a 1 followed by a million zeros

2.      In 1999, Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin offered to sell the search engine for 1 million dollars. Fortunately for them, the offer was rejected.

3.      The company encourages its workers to invest a fifth of their time in “personal projects”. Many of the company’s initiatives were born from these projects.

Here’s something else you didn’t know about Google: the company distributes money to non-profit associations.

How can you get hold of those funds? That’s what we’re here for.

Google operates several grant programs for non-profit associations via the different services it provides: G Suite, Google Ads, Google Earth, Google Maps, You Tube, and even a specially designated app that is relevant for recruiting donations only in the US.

Make no mistake, you can’t take this money and distribute it as you see fit. Google takes responsibility for the grant, maintains a presence, and keeps close tabs on making sure that you meet the conditions it stipulated for using the money. Nevertheless, we’re still talking about money, and if we adhere closely to the clear instructions and to the conditions for receiving it – it can be used to significantly help in advancing your organization’s goals.

In this survey, we will relate in detail to Google Ad Grants.

What are These Grants?

Google Ad Grants awards non-profit associations which meet additional conditions the sum of $10,000 for advertising with Google Ads. Advertising in the search results for a specific and relevant audience will bring the organization greater exposure, more volunteers, more donors and ultimately, greater change.

Are we Eligible?

Naturally, there are several conditions that the organization must meet.

–        The organization’s activity must be based in one of the 50 countries in which Google operates (Israel appears on the list).

–        The organization must be classified as a properly managed charity association that meets all the legal requirements in its country.

–        The organization must have the status of an active and valid association.

–        The organization must sign a declaration confirming the prohibition of discrimination

–        Government entities and organizations, hospitals, medical institutions, schools, universities and academic institutions are not eligible for the program. Philanthropic divisions of education institutions may however apply.

–        The organization must maintain a high-quality website, in accordance with Google Ad Grants policy.

We got Accepted! Now What?

As mentioned above, the sum awarded by Google is for use on its advertising platform. These are some of the conditions which the ads must meet:

  • The ads must only include text
  • The ads will only appear on the search results pages, in the place designated for paid ads
  • המודעות יכולות להכיל טקסט בלבד
  • המודעות יופיעו רק בדפי תוצאות החיפוש, במיקומים של מודעות בתשלום (תמונה)
  • All the campaigns must be focused using keywords
  • The price per click will not exceed $2. This means a lower exposure potential for some of the key words

Do you meet the conditions? Great! Your ads are online. After that you can continue to improve and focus your ads using Google Analytics. Operating correctly will bring your organization closer to its goals.

Have you used more than $9,900 of your monthly budget more than once during the last 6 months? You should get to know Google Ad Grants Pro that awards $40,000 to those meeting its conditions. Tracking conversions, budget management, and a high click ratio are just some of the stringent conditions.

In Summary

Google Ad Grants is yet another important tool that is worth getting to know. Together with other tools that Google provides us, it can upgrade an organization’s activity and help achieve better results from its advertising budget.

Or Maman

Or Maman

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